Tiffany Jewelry become reality in special items that are treasured throughout the world

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Published: 05th January 2011
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From an idea, a vision, and turn that dream into an enterprise famous brand is carried out by a few in human history. But a New York man was able to do just that in the world of jewelry. Charles Lewis Tiffany Tiffany & Co., founded with the vision to make quality items desired by a group demanding that seeks luxury items purchased. The production of exquisite jewelry and other products with the best materials, Tiffany Jewelry brought unprecedented success. Used the highest quality diamonds and fine silver to create what have become classics. In addition, the company produced stunning tableware, lamps and other goods that attracted clients like no other items of the time.

It was not long for customers and the press to copy Tiffany, the "King of Diamonds." With the help of John B. Young, the store Tiffany & Young opened on Broadway in New York in 1837. In the first offering fine estate and fixed assets of different types, quality store Tiffany & Co. became a few years of existence. Customers began to notice, and buy beautiful jewelry pieces created from silver in these early years. Because of the craftsmanship that was evident in the pieces, even the general public realized the store. Today, 170 years later, many of the products from the first decades Tiffany Tiffany was in business are highly prized collectibles with a value far beyond their original purchase price. Some of these pieces are still preserved in their original boxes, a light blue container that was known among jewelry lovers. This color is still used for the packaging of Tiffany & Co. in the 21 st century.

Among the first items offered by the company were silver jewelry, monogrammed toilet sets, silver cups and dishes for children, presentation of dishes, silver trays calling card and sets of clothing for men. Tiffany & Co. also produced some popular games, unique in style and quality. The company also offers very popular souvenir spoons in late 1800, a practice used by several manufacturers at the time.

Tiffany & Co. is perhaps best known for his field of art jewelry, created in 1902 to put the jewels and enamel earrings goods on the screen. The most desirable pieces were created by Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of Charles Tiffany. This member of the younger generation also created the now famous stained glass screens and windows in what was then known as Tiffany Studios. More than 100 years after the place opened Tiffany & Young, the company moved to its present site on Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan.

Today, the name, Tiffany & Co. is associated with the most beautiful and elegant in the world. Store catalogs and marketing diamonds show materials, clocks, necklaces, gifts and other items from various departments of the famous store.

Growth of a small shop, a broader view of Tiffany has become reality. Not many people start with an achievable goal and make it happen. However, Charles Lewis Tiffany and Tiffany's name are considered the only source for many a status symbol in jewelry and other products as well. The designs are both classic and innovative spring from the minds of Jewelry On Sale, and become reality in special items that are treasured throughout the world.

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